Spring/Summer 2024

About a year ahead a new collection is launched, I start the process by visiting different fairs to get inspired. I look at new leather qualities, colors, soles and styles. Then I come home with a lot of samples and ideas and the creative process kicks in. Calou Essentials are always available, just some colors and patterns are changed from year to year. I also spend a lot of time sketching on new styles and create samples. Sometimes I need to do some modifications before the clog is exactly how I want it, and some styles never make it into production actually. This year you ´ll find some of our classic models, such as Lisa and Dolores in new colors and patterns. As usual, I get a lot of inspiration from nature. From lush forests to vibrant summer meadows. All the beauty, there to inspire me!

Trendy colors this spring and summer are sky blue and different shades of red, , but also romantic powder pink, to be found on the new style Blenda, great with the brown sole! This collection has a little bit of everything, both romance and sassy colors. I hope you like it!
You´re always welcome with tips and ideas for upcoming collections, or if you just want to tell us what you think of our clogs. It is really valuable to hear!
And now I'm already up and running, planning for fall and winter 2024/25. Time flies when having fun, right?!

 Happy greetings, Carina Ek Werderitsch