Greetings from New York

We received a greeting from one of our customers who is in New York (we´re not jealous at all) Thank you Marie, for the lovely pictures and nice reviews of our clogs! Enjoy the city that doesn´t sleep! 

Hi Calou,

I just want to tell you that I just love your clogs! I´ve been in NY for a few weeks now, and of course I packed some of my most comfy shoes, I knew that there will be a lot of walking these days J I wish I could have brought a whole suitcase just with shoes, but that´s not possible, lots of other stuff to bring, I had to prioritize hard. Besides sneakers, I picked Tess in gold, a pair I´ve kept a couple of seasons and your new model Vanja, which I really love, so cool and stylish with everything! And they are sooooo comfortable to walk, in all day, no problems at all! I can tell your clogs passed the NY walking around test, and you should be really proud of your brand! And clogs feel so right here, I see many people wearing them with all kinds of outfits. People are so cool in NY, but I´ve also got a few compliments for my outfits. Americans are so sweet, telling you when they like what they see. Now it´s time to enjoy the city for one more week, then we heading home for the Swedish summer. Take care!


/Greetings Marie