What makes Calou clogs special?

At Calou Stockholm, Swedish clogs, we believe that you shouldn’t have to compromise on comfort to look good. So we’ve created a line of clogs and clog boots that not only look stylish, but are also incredibly comfortable to wear.

The Calou sole

Our clogs feature a cushioned polyurethane sole which makes them lighter and more comfortable than a traditional wooden-soled clog. The Calou sole flexes as you walk and absorbs shock. Our clogs are so comfortable in fact, that you can happily wear them all day long, even if you work on your feet!

Carefully chosen materials

The uppers are made from the finest quality suede, leather or nubuck. The leather will soften with wear and age beautifully. 

Genuine craftmanship

Each pair of Calou swedish clogs is handmade and totally unique. We value craftsmanship and quality more than large volumes. And we work closely with our manufacturer to combine knowledge and tradition with modern design.

Made to last

When you buy a Calou swedish clog, you get a handmade shoe of the highest quality. The timeless design means that they won’t be out of fashion at the end of the season, in fact they should last for many years.

Learn more about our Swedish clogs here.