Wear and Tear - Not

How often do you fix things that are broken instead of throwing them away? We think that far too many throw items away even if they are easy to repair. That´s bad! But according to a survey by Swedish SIFO, there is at least the will among customers, to live more sustainably. Almost everyone in this survey said that sustainability is important. (95% of 1000 respondents) That is great!

 Calou produce clogs that are both comfortable, stylish and long lasting. They are made by hand in Italy and Portugal by skilled craftsmen, in materials that are durable and age beautifully. No problem to fix if they might break after long use.
In Sweden the VAT is lower on repairs of textiles, shoes and leather as a way to get us in to be more sustainable!

 However, there is a risk for less skilled shoemakers ahead. Fewer chose to study this profession today. But if we start to fix more than we throw away, we might stop this trend.
Let´s skip the wear and tear, invest in high quality instead. It may cost a little more but pays off in the long run. Quality shoes last longer and are easier to repair than shoes in cheap materials.

 This is what a skilled shoemaker can do:

New soles and heels
Stretch out shoes that are a little too tight
Repair broken heel lining
Polish and shoe care
Broken seams
And a lot more - just ask!

Here are some things you can do to take care of your shoes:

 Always impregnate your shoes before using them - helps them resist dirt, salt and moisture.
Wipe the shoes with a damp cloth after use. Let them rest for a few days between uses.
Use shoe polish to care for the leather, so it does not dry out and crack.
Keep suede shoes clean with a suede brush.
Use shoe blocks in cedar wood. Helps shoe to stay in shape and to dry up.
Always use a shoehorn when putting on your shoes!
Use removable insoles, replace when needed.