Shoes with perfect fit

We are both proud and happy to have so many loyal, returning customers who really like our clogs. It´s really a good rating!

All our clogs and boots are handmade in leather with "non wood" flexible soles, which makes them incredibly comfortable to wear.

But sometimes it can be hard to find the perfect fit. You may have narrow feet or wider feet with high ankles for example. That doesn´t have to be a problem. There´s a lot you can do for better fit!

The best thing about leather shoes is that the leather shapes itself to your foot. A shoe that feels slightly narrow at the beginning will give way to the width gradually. The heat from your feet helps to soften and shape the skin. A good idea is to use your clogs indoors a couple of days, before taking long walks in cooler weather.

However, sometimes a little extra effort may be needed, so here are some useful tips!

that are too long

Let a heel filling do the job! You can buy a self-adhesive heel grip at most cobblers and in many shoe stores. Attach the grip at the back of your shoes. Another option is to let the cobbler do the job. Then you can also choose different thicknesses of leather for a more precise fit. That´ll be less visible than a self-adhesive grip.

A little too big shoes

If your boots or clogs have the right length but still are a little big, it is usually enough to put in an insole. There are lots of different soles to use, even anatomic ones. We recommend leather soles that allow your feet to breathe.

 A little too tight shoes

If your shoes are a little too tight, they will probably fit better after a little use, when the leather has formed to the foot. But you can also let a cobbler stretch your shoes. 
You can actually make the shoe both longer and wider and a little higher over the instep if needed. It´s possible to stretch the skin about one size of the width and half size of the length.

Loose heels

If the shoes don´t fit your heels, the cobbler can use a heel grip to reduce the space, or you can buy a heel grip and attach it to the back of the shoe for a better fit.
In the same way, your cobbler can use an "extra tongue" on the inside at the instep, which reduces your shoes height.

Shoe Tree

To keep the shape of your clogs, we recommend using a Shoe Tree. Red Cedar wood is perfect for shoes, it absorbs moisture and odors and keep your clogs in good condition. 

We are here to help you!

If you have any questions, we are here to help you. With these simple tips and our guidance, we hope to reduce the number of returns and contribute to fewer transports. For the sake of the environment and for your convenience.

Happy thoughts!

Carina & Mats