Guide: How to take care of your leather boots

Leather boots have always been symbols of elegance, strength, and timeless beauty. This natural and high-quality material brings a sense of luxury and durability to your footwear. However, like all exquisite things, these beauties require the right care to maintain their charm over the years.

Join us on this meticulous guide to ensure your leather boots retain their top quality!

1. Clean regularly

Your boots face a lot of dirt and dust during your daily adventures. Regular cleaning ensures the leather retains its shine.

How to do it: Start by removing dust with a high-quality shoe brush. For a deeper clean, apply a leather soap or cleaner specifically designed for leather. Be thorough, ensuring each part of the shoe is treated for best results.

2. Protect boots from moisture and wetness

Water and leather rarely go hand in hand. Wet leather can deform, lose its color, and, in the worst case, be ruined.

How to do it: If your boots get wet, immediately dry them with a soft cloth. If they feel damp inside, stuff them with newspaper to absorb internal moisture and help retain their shape while drying. To prep them for unexpected weather, use a water-repellent protector for added durability.

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3. Soften the leather

To prevent your boots from becoming dry, cracking, or losing their shine. It's especially important to care for your leather boots if you're in colder climates or expose the shoes to hard wear.

How to do it: Periodically use leather balm or suitable shoe cream. This helps maintain the shoe's flexibility and shine. Ensure you choose products tailored to your leather's specific needs.

4. Store correctly

Leather boots deserve a special place in your home. They need to be stored in a manner that preserves their shape and quality.

How to do it: Boots shouldn't just be squeezed among other shoes; it's best to give them ample space. Use shoe trees to retain the shoe's shape and prevent creases. A dark, cool, and well-ventilated space is ideal to prevent the leather from drying out or fading in color.

Advantages of taking care of your leather boots

  • Long-lasting use: Regular care ensures your boots maintain their original condition.
  • Value for money: Properly caring for your boots extends their lifespan.
  • Always ready: A pair of well-maintained boots always keeps you ready for the day's adventures.


What can happen if you don't take care of your leather boots

  • Rapid aging: Without proper care, your boots can age faster, long before their expiry date.
  • Damage and cracks: The leather may start to crack or deform without regular care.
  • Decreased comfort: Poorly maintained boots become dry and less comfortable over time.

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How to polish leather boots

Polishing leather shoes is a crucial part of the care routine if you want your shoes to last long and retain their shine and elegance. Here's how to polish your leather boots properly:

Preparation: Ensure the shoes are dry and free from moisture. Remove shoe laces if possible to avoid dirtying them.

Cleaning: Use a soft brush (e.g., a shoe brush) to brush off dust, dirt, and grit from the shoe's surface. Ensure you get into all folds and crevices.

Apply leather cleaner: If the shoes are particularly dirty or stained, use a mild leather cleaner or saddle soap. Apply the cleaning agent with a soft cloth, work up a light foam, and then wipe off with a clean cloth.

Work with shoe polish: Use shoe polish that matches the shoe color. Use a brush or cloth to apply a small amount of polish in circular motions across the entire shoe. Allow the shoe polish to dry for a few minutes.

Brush the shoes: After the shoe polish has dried, brush the shoes with a clean shoe brush. This will help remove excess polish and give the shoe a nice shine.

Polishing: For added shine, polish the shoes now. Take a soft cloth (e.g., a flannel cloth or an old cotton sheet), and work it in quick circular motions across the shoe's surface.

Protection: If you wish to give your boots extra protection, especially against water and stains as we mentioned earlier, use a water-repellent spray for leather.

Insert laces: When done, replace the shoe laces.

By regularly polishing and caring for your leather shoes, you can preserve their beauty, extend their life, and ensure they always look stylish and well-maintained.

FAQ about leather boot care


Can I wear my leather boots in the rain?

Yes, you can, but ensure you've properly waterproofed the shoes with a suitable water protector. However, try to avoid really heavy rain.

How often should I clean and treat my boots?

It's recommended to give your boots a thorough cleaning and treatment every two to three months, depending on how often you wear them. Dust and dirt should be removed more regularly.

Where can I find quality leather products?

It's essential to purchase the right products for your leather boots. We recommend getting a proper brush, moisturizing shoe cream, and a water repellent product specifically designed for leather products.

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Your leather boots aren't just shoes, they're an expression of your personal style. Ensure they get the care they deserve, and they'll accompany you for many years to come.

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