Clogs are hotter than ever!

Clogs are a fashion survivor, they never really go out of style. And this year clogs are hotter than ever. That you can tell when Hèrmes sent every single model in clogs down the runway! Bally and Louis Vuitton have their own line of clogs in their collection as well.

This pandemic year, when we spent most of the time at home, truly had some impact on the fashion this year. We want more of feelgood fashion, more convenient and all round styles that fit any occasion from meetings on zoom to relaxed moments. Our handmade,soft clogs fit perfectly into that description. And we are proud that more and more fashion writers, stylists and customers are discovering our comfy and versatile clog styles.

Calou is mentioned together with the brand Abodi in numero magazines article:




The silhouettes are featuring power shoulder overcoats, voluminous shoulderdresses, oversize jackets, dresses with signature ’Cloud’ details. A new line of handbags with ABODI Twin Unisus myth's symbol made in Italy, coordinated - clogs inspired - sandals coming from the Swedish Calou and tip toe stillettos handcrafted in Budapest, beautiful enamel and golden layered buttons and pins handcrafted in Italy.

ABODI @abodi_official_

Photographer: @Szilveszter Makó 

Clogs designed by ABODI, produced by Calou